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Keith’s Email Setup

I love convert kit. I have tried several email providers. Quite frankly, I got tired of trying to piecemeal a system together. Now I use a service that just….plain….works!!

I can do all my simple, and not so simple email marketing in convert kit. Put together an auto-responder, done. Create an email funnel and a sequence of commands to build better relationships, done. Need a landing page for a special event or ebook? Got you covered there as well. Can’t say enough good things about Convert Kit, so check them out.



If you want quality sound on a minimal budget, these are great. All you really need is a computer, some recording software, and you are all set to upload to a podcast host. That way your website stays fast, and your podcast feed will update to whatever podcast database you choose to upload to.


The blue Yeti

Need a mic for two people in a room? This is a USB mic that is dynamic, and sounds great at a great price.

The Audio Technica ATR2100-USB

Need multiple mics and you want them to sound great without breaking the bank? Check this out.

Headsets and Amps:

Behringer Headset Amp

This is a must if you have multiple guests and you want to hear what everyone sounds like during the show,

Behringer Headsets

Great sounding headsets at a ridiculous price. If you have multiple guests, you will need these.


Zoom H6

There is no other recorder that is as portable and as versatile as the H6. 4 XLR inputs makes hooking up your mics a snap, and they sound awesome. SD card compatible. It also has mic attachments that come in super handy.

XLR Cables

You will need these for hooking up your mics to the H6.


These books have stood the test of time when it comes to the essentials of business and mindset. These are just the essentials.